Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Word Helpers

I downloaded these WORD HELPERS  (<--- click to download) from The First Grade Parade.  I have them behind my guided reading table. I introduce one a week. We worked on "Fly Eye" and "Stretchy Snake" first.  These would be GREAT for the very beginning of 1st grade, but any early childhood classroom could benefit from them.  SO CUTE, huh?  I got another idea from my teammate Ashlee to use a slinky to reinforce sounding out words (this works best with my struggling kiddos)....and I wanted it to go along with "Stretchy the Snake" so I made a slinky look like a snake and we practice sounding (or stretching out) a word as I stretch the slinky snake. Then, I let it go and the students have to say the word really fast.  {*Parents, this would be a GREAT way for you to practice sounding out words at home.*}

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Ms.M said...

I was just looking for these to put up in my room.

Ms. M

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