Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Clip Art!

YAY! My awesome husband just finished his second set of teacher clip art!! His designs are now available in my Teacher Pay Teacher store and will be on sale all day today! 

Here is a preview of all his images:
(All images are provided in color and black & white. Over 50 images total!)

The terms of use for this clip art set are simple: You may use the images for personal or commercial use. (Just don't re-sell, distribute or claim them as your own.)
(Graphics by Cro Designs)

Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks my hubby can finish his set of borders, math/science/history set and animal clip art. Be excited. :)

Early bird special: Just leave a comment telling us which design is your favorite and why, and the first 5 comments will win a copy of their favorite design! 

Also, my husband will hand select two MORE of his favorite comments (try to make him laugh!) to win a favorite design as well. He will pick his favorites tomorrow at 7pm (MST). 

*Please make sure to leave your email! :)


Jess said...

OOOHHH I love the new Christmas clip art! So fun! That polar looks so cute and reminds me of the Christmas Coke ads!
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Kim said...

LOVE your clipart!! My email is cavettk@gmail.com and I adore the Christmas lights border! it is so cute, plus it reminds me of the tangled mess of lights I need to work on to decorate my tree!

Sara said...

This clipart is great! I really like the snowman!! Long winters here so could get a lot of use out of that clipart :) E-mail is bradley.sara2@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing!!

Pam said...

I love the christmas lights border! It just "ties" everything together. What a glorious time of year. My email is psafrit@carolina.rr.com.

Amy said...

The are great! Love the Snowman, and the trees! I have been working on Christmas/Winter activities these would be perfect for!


Jennifer said...

great designs! I love the light bulbs because its tradition for me to hang them with my dad - been doing it since I could walk :) Thanks for making these and sharing them!!

Anonymous said...

I love this clipart! The penguin is my favorite. I could sure use this because of my lack of artistic skills. I drew a boat for my K kids the other day and they thought it was a price tag!! Help me!! kgnteachmb@hotmail.com Donna in FL

Ashley said...

I love the snowman! It's sometimes hard to think of christmas ideas since we can't go into the religious side. So we focus on the snowman a lot! We make a melted snowman in science and we do a writing piece "How to Make a Snowman" Our kids love it!!

Also I love the polar bear clipart. He cracks me up! It's like he's saying "umm is this the only present I get?!"


Mrs. Griffith said...

I am a first year teacher and love using your blog for ideas. They inspire me to create ideas for my classroom : ) I am always in need of cute clipart and these images are so darn cute for the activities during this time of year! Thanks for sharing and being so creative! lindsay.griffith@ymail.com

Sandra said...

I *LOVE* the light border!!! I can see myself using it so much!!!

I picture you guys being the perfect duo... the writer and the artist!!! Soooo cute! We need to have a cute celeb-like name for you guys... maybe cronat??? haha I can't think of anything else but your (collaborative) blog is awesome and the clip art is AMAZING! I love the school set already and hoping for a laugh so I can get the holiday one too!!! :):):)

Keep it coming Cronat!!

LOL :)


Jodi said...

Cute and double cute! I love the Christmas clip art!!!!!!


Crayons and Curls said...

So cute! He is so talented! I love that some of this can be used even after the holidays! Love the elf boy and girl! She is looking at him whoa - your hot! and he is just walking by and saying hi! (poor girl!) (Okay, that is as funny as I get... my poor kids always make fun of my sense of humor!) Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Rachel said...

Can I just tell you that I sat here at my computer and tried to think of something witty that would make your husband think, 'man, this person totally deserves a free copy of my clip art!' Turns out my brain must already be on vacation, because nothing good came to mind. So...I just went ahead a bought it on TPT. It's a Happy Thanksgiving present to myself. So thank you! I can't wait to use it (after the weekend, that is!).


Gracie said...

All so cute!
My fave is the polar bear opening the gift cause he looks like me when I open something from my great aunts. Wondering how I will pull off whatever clothing they have gotten me.

Miss T said...

I love the polar bear's expression. He's like "Whoa!" Can't tell if it's a good whoa, like I got what I wanted for Christmas or a bad whoa, like I just forgot to buy a present for my mom. Either that or he just sat on a tac! Hehehehe :)


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