Thursday, June 2, 2011

Father's Day

I always read this sweet book:

 Then we make these Father's Day Cards {I got the idea from my cooperating teacher during my student teaching}:

Here's a how to:

 Here are the coupons that go inside of the shirt pocket:
*If a child in your class does not have a dad in their life, have them write to a brother, grandpa, or uncle!
*No need to fret, I have included everything {even step-by-step directions} in the FREE download.
*You can do any size of card! If you don't have 12"X18" constructions paper, just use smaller'll get the same result {the dad will love it}.

What do you do in your classroom or at home to celebrate Father's Day?
{I know some of you are out of school, don't rub it in}


mrs. tabb said...

I'm *really* not trying to rub it in, but man, IF I were still in school, I'd totally do this!! ;)

mrs tabb =)

First Grade Awesomeness

Lauren Morse said...

Dads always get left out. We celebrate Father's Day on Valentines Day by having Doughnuts with Dad. This would be a great idea to add to our celebration (since we're not in school during Father's Day).
Just keep in mind many will be jealous of you when we head back to school at the beginning of August--and we have short recess because it's 100 degress outside :)
Just Add Clipart

Rachel said...

Love this idea! I'm totally going to use it for summer school (which starts on Monday!). In the past I've just had the kids write an acrostic poem of the word FATHER. Maybe I'll include that on the inside of the card. Thanks for {always} sharing!

Pat's Paper Passion said...

Thanks, this is an easy enough project to complete with a 3 year old grandson when he's here tomorrow. Oh, and yes, I've been out for school for about 2 weeks ;-)

Kristin Young said...

We just did these today!! :) Except mine are much smaller and I hadn't thought to add a pocket for coupons! I MUST remember that for next year.

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

froggycupcakes said...

That is TOOO cute!

According to Ashley said...

I heart you. My kindergarteners will be doing this ASAP. That is all.

Ms. Durning said...

We are decorating ceramic mugs... got them for $1 each at Michaels with a coupon!

S. Parker said...

We are making cookbooks for our dads. I love to read them. Always funny.

Sarah said...

I always feel kinda bad that we're not in school for father's day since we make such a big fuss over mother's day! I love the card you featured!!! :D

SillyTeacher said...

I always celebrate Father's Day the last week of school (which usually is the week before Daddy's Day). I love to have the kiddos play Baseball with their dad/special one. We make baseball shaped cards with their picture on it (I take the kiddos pic holding a bat). Then, we end our celebration with hot dogs and popcorn, of course:)

Ashleigh said...

That is too cute! We get out at the end of May, so we miss Father's Day too. I may do this next year around the same time we make something for Mother's Day, so Dad won't be left out.

Shelly said...

Oh no... I can't open it. It's blocked and my district won't let me in. Darn it...

Cute project!

Joseph said...

Can we make shirt from cloths like this fathers day card?
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Pamela Moore said...

Such a wonderful card! Dads are special to us. They deserve something special as well. This card will surely complete his day. My heartiest and heartfelt fathers day wishes to all wonderful DADS around the world!


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