Thursday, July 21, 2011

Science fair, journals, and experiments. Oh my!

I l.o.v.e to teach science! I hate the mess I sometimes make with my experiments, but it's well worth it in the end. We've posted a couple science experiments {here}.  I wanted to share with you my science journal that we use to write our hypothesis and conclusion.  I copy the front cover in a fun color and use a blank page of that same color for the back.  Then, copy the journal page about 25 times, put the front/back covers on, and staple it on the side 2 times!

We also participate in a science fair. Our grade level {1st grade} does our own "science fair" and the kiddos LOVE it! I send home the project with a note and the students fill out the journal and complete an experiment with the help of their parents. Here is the science fair journal booklet and the note to send home to parents {click *here* for the parent note}.  When you download this, you'll have to know the order because this is a folded and stapled in half book.  The order is {Cover,  topic, purpose, hypothesis, list of materials, procedure, research, journal pages, graph paper and conclusion}.  The pages are somewhat interchangeable so hopefully you can make it work:

What works for you when teaching science?


Natalie Kay said...

This is AWESOME!! Great work Rachelle!

Lauren said...

I teach 4th grade so our science journals are the composition notebooks. In there we put almost everything we do in science, except for papers that need to be turned in. Investigations, vocabulary, labeled drawings, page-length readings, Q/A pages, graphs, observations, etc. Science definitely creates a mess when we do investigations... (and makes it hard to switch classes on time)... but they are so much fun!

Teaching 4th

Mrs. Lochridge said...

I love to teach Science and use a journal for each thematic unit {magnets, plants, apples, balance & motion}. And, I so enjoy the process of hands-on Science with students . Thank you for all of the wonderful downloads. They will benefit my students, for sure!

First Grade Factory

Mrs. Lamb said...

love the journal-science has become my fav this year. I curriculum in NC is wonderful! and we get kits for all 9 week units. Thanks for sharing!

Amy (aka Science Stuff) said...

I am a high school biology teacher. I loves these ideas and am so excited to see such great science teaching going on in the early grades of school!

Megan said...

Notebooking is great. With my students I use a composition book. Sometimes there are teacher prepared guidelines for the response and I cut them down to fit on the page and students just glue them in.

Blackboard and Beyond

First Grade and Fancy Free said...

This is awesome! Makes me feel like I need to step up my science game! I love the idea of a first grade science fair! Thanks for the printables!

Jo said...

These are great! Thanks! =)

SunnyDays said...

This is amazing! Thank you so very much for sharing :)

Sunny Days In Second Grade

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