Literature Circle Revamp

As you probably already know, I (Natalie) taught 5th grade for 7 years. I absolutely loved every thing about teaching 5th! Ten and eleven year olds just get me. And I get them. It's like we were made for each other.

Two years ago, however, I switched to a part-time computer specialty job in order to be able to stay at home with my own kids more. I've been very happy about this switch because the hours are great, I don't get burned out as easily, and the extra hour to sleep in every morning is pretty great too.

But… there are sooooo many things I miss about teaching 5th! I certainly miss having a group of my very own students. I miss having fun holiday parties, and room moms, and the close connection with my students.

The other day I stopped in to visit my 5th grade teaching friend just to say hi. While there, I noticed my old version of my Literature Circle Booklet sitting on a student's desk. I immediately felt a lightning bolt of jealousy go through me. My friend was doing literature cirlcles - one of my VERY favorite things to do with my 5th graders! It was so fun to see my creations in use, but I couldn't help notice how outdated it looked! My Literature Circle Booklet was, if I'm remembering correctly, the second thing I ever put on TeachersPayTeachers. Needless to say, it was very verrrrry much time for an update!

So… my friends... today I have for you… my NEW and IMPROVED Literature Circle Reading and Comprehension Activity Booklet.

If you already own this, PLEASE stop whatever you're doing right now and log in to TPT to re-download! 

(My hubby did this one for me! Also, I was informed that second grade teachers love using this booklet with their advanced reading groups, so I changed the cursive writing on top so that this can be younger grades friendly too.)

If you don't own it, but would like to see more: Please click <<HERE>> to read more about it in my store. This is a literature circle life saver because it helps keeps students on task and keeps them accountable for their learning and participation in their groups!

Best of all - it's ON SALE right now!! 

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