Valentines For Your Students!

My students will get PLENTY of candy and treats from their peers PLUS with SO many good allergies I have decided to go the non-food route the past couple of years.  Once I went to Target, Hobby Lobby, and The Dollar Tree...I was SO inspired! Hopefully you can use these ideas for years to come and never have to repeat. :) I wanted the Valentine cards to be simple, but fun (and to save ink). 

Crazy Straws: Target party section {pack of 12 for 3.00}

Ring Erasers: Target Valentine's Section {24 pack for 3.00}
Pirate Erasers: Target Valentine's Section {24 pack for 3.00}

Race Cars: Dollar Store {pack of 3 for 1.00 SHOCKER}
Funny Glasses: Target party section {pack of 12 for 3.00}

Pip-Squeaks Markers: Target Dollar Spot {pack of 4 for 1.00}
Bouncy Balls: Target party section {pack of 15 for 3.00}

Mini Ducks: Target Valentine's Day Section {pack of 3 for 3.00}

Dinosaurs: Target Party Section {8 count for 2.00}

Magic Spring Slinky: Hobby Lobby Party Section {pack of 12 for 2.99}
Valentine's Day Erasers: Target Valentine's Day Section {pack of 24 for 3.00}

Heart Glasses: Hobby Lobby {pack of 6 for 5.99, but use the coupon for 40% off}

I just had to do it! HAHA---->Whoopie Cushions: Target Party Section {pack of 3 for 3.00}

{For all you non-teacher friends who want to download...TeachersPayTeachers is a fabulous website and it's free to join}


Sue from Oregon said...

How fun are these!!! Sending your link to my school teacher daughters!!!

Bekki L. said...

These are adorable! They could work for any holiday of the year- X-mas, Hannukah, etc. I wonder if you would consider making these editable...? In my school we don't celebrate Valentine's Day- not by policy per se, but few to none of our students or their families celebrate. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the idea.

Toni McGuffey said...

So cute! Thank you for sharing!

Sara said...

THESE ARE AMAZING!! I always give my students and a dice/die with a valentine label that says, "I love how you roll!" But the label is not very cute! Would you consider creating something like that? I would totally buy it! :) THANK YOU!

one day assignment writing service said...

Awesome ideas! Specially the one with dinosaur! "I am wild about you:)" This is so sweet! Thank you so much for sharing! You made my day.

mark lawrence said...

These are superb ideas for the Valentines for students. I really liked this idea. I am also a preschool teacher and would like to do something like this on our 100th day of school. Our school is going to host a party for all students at one of outdoor party venues in NYC and I have to arrange it.

joshua54 said...

These are really fun valentine day ideas for students. Thanks for sharing them here. My daughter goes to a Phoenix kindergarten and her teacher also hosted a class party for them. Her teacher also gifted cute items to all students of her class.

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